San Diego Cab Ride Thrills

I'm in San Diego for the BlogHer 11 conference. I arrived late last night after a long day of working and travelling. My first experience in the city...One crazy cab ride!

Myself and 2 other bloggers hopped into the backseat of a cab at the airport, and he took off like a bullet from a gun and before I could even get my door closed! I frantically closed it, and then held on for dear life as we weaved in and out of traffic. We bounced around in the back seat as he took curves at 90 and slammed on the brakes just inches before the bumper ahead of us. I swear we even experienced some negative G's. Thank goodness our hotel was only 3 miles from the airport, or the other bloggers would be writing about how they ended up wearing my lunch! In California, you don't need a theme park for thrills, just get in a cab!

Going off the rails on a crazy train (Ozzy Osbourne)