Music Monday, Chaos and a new take on The Muppets Theme

Things are a little hectic for me right now. The good news for me is, when this crazy week is done, I will be on vacation in New Orleans! So, I figure, I'll face the week head on, and celebrate every chaotic moment. And, what better way to celebrate chaos, than with The Muppets?! Have a happy Music Monday!



  1. Great idea for this post. :) Happy Monday.

  2. Fun! I love the Muppets. I wish they'd air all the old reruns so my kids can watch it. I'm always searching YouTube to show my kids certain scenes. I would love for them to be able sit and laugh while watching a whole episode with me.

  3. I LOVE the Muppets! I have posted a few vids of them in the past too. I agree with DMT, I wish they would play reruns because it was such a great show.
    Come on by if you wish.
    ~Naila Moon

  4. Ya'll are making me fall in love with the muppets :)

    Thanks for rocking with us today!

  5. Don't cha love these guys! They're just too darn cute. Thanks for sharing & playing along with us today! See ya next week.

  6. Everyone's favorite - The Muppets! Love the fun 4M picks you lined up. =D


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