Music Monday, My 70's Memories

Happy Music Monday and to those of you in the U.S., Happy Labor Day! This week we're taking a walk down memory lane and remembering music from the 70's. I love 70's music, but most of it I didn't listen to until the 80's because I was born in 74'. But, there are a few songs that bring back very strong memories from my childhood.

My Dad's nick name for me was "Hot Shot" so when I heard this song, I thought it was just for me. hot shot in the cityof course, I had the lyrics, all wrong!

When I was 3, my mom would pick me up at the end of the week, when she was done with work, and I would lay my head on her lap as she drove us home, and she would always blast this song, and we would both sing along.

Again, the silly ideas of a child left me thinking this song was for me. I have brown eyes and no way did I want them to be blue. Don't you make my brown eyes blue

Thanks for walking down memory lane with me on this beautiful music Monday! Have a great one!

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