Aloha Friday, Breakfast Could Win You $500

It's Friday. In Hawaii, it's the day to take it easy and prepare for the weekend. Well, I'm not in Hawaii, but I sure am taking this Aloha Friday thing serious today! It's nearly noon, and I'm just now doing my Aloha Friday post, and I'm still in my nightgown! I suppose I'll need to get dressed and run errands at some point, but I'm in no hurry! Since I haven't had breakfast, yet...My Aloha Friday question for you:

What's your favorite Breakfast food?

While we're talking Breakfast foods, if you're creative in the kitchen, DeWafelbakkers, the makers of delicious frozen pancakes, want to give you $500! They are looking for recipes that use their frozen pancakes. If you've got a creative way to use their pancakes, submit your recipe, and you could be the winner of $500. If you do make a submission, please let them know I sent you, so I can win when you win!

Have a happy relaxing Friday!


  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ and I would love to know how the pineapple grows in a pot!! Keep me posted! :-) As for favorite breakfast cereal. . .it is Oatmeal! I have it almost everyday of my life (boring, I know!)Topped with a little bit of banana, chopped walnuts, cinnamon and half'n half! Yummy!! And recipes for using frozen pancakes?????

  2. I love donuts, but very seldom ever eat them. I also love oats with cinnamon and fruit.

  3. When I remember to eat breakfast, I love bagels or I'll make an egg sandwich with an english muffin, egg and a slice of provolone cheese. :)

    Smelly Laundry

  4. Stuffed French Toast with bacon. Yum!


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