I Did it All For the Cookies

I love chocolate chip cookies, but one thing I don't like is when my batter spreads out when baking, and I end up with cookie crisps.

My solution: I just cut the butter in half!
The original recipe on the back of the chocolate chip bag calls for 2 sticks of butter, so I only use one. It works perfect to make a thicker, perfectly yummy chocolate chip cookie. (I also add a little extra vanilla, too. Because recipes aren't rules they're guidelines, right?)

♪I did it all for the cookie mmm♪


  1. What a great tip! I always heard when baking you should follow a recipe exactly, but obviously that is not the case :))


  2. OH those looks so good right about now.. nom nom nom

  3. I love choc. chip cookies too. I need to find an easy way o make fudgy brownies. They don't stay together! I tried to make them a while ago, even with a mix I failed. :( What's the secret???

  4. Yum cookies! You are brave. I am already afraid to alter a recipe. I recently made chocolate chip cookies and forgot to buy brown sugar. They were a little different...

  5. Hi, stopping by from the Alexa hop. I LIKED you and joined with GFC & FNB. Cool blog, those cookies look good. I'm going over to give you a great review. Please visit me. Cheryl

  6. That's a great tip. I always wondered how to prevent them from spreading out. Thanks for sharing.


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