Music Monday, Comfort of the Season

I finally got some of my holiday lights and decorations up this weekend. It's so tiring, but I love the way the house feels with all the lights on at night. It's just so comforting. I'm sure in a month I'll tire of it all, but right now, I'm thinking "let's just keep them up all year!"

So, since it's Music Monday and the lights are up, why not a little holiday music to go along. Here's a few I find comforting.


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  1. Definitely some faves here.
    I need to get me some Norah Jones!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love the Norah Jones song! Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'm behind on the decorating - with Princess Nagger having been sick and sharing it with me, my motivation has been nil. But this week for sure! :) LOVE your choices - especially Nora Jones! :)

    Christmas Don’t Be Late for the fun Up On The Housetop and the Ringing Of The Bells

  4. Enjoyed your choices and to be honest I haven't even started decorating, yep, not one thing up!

    Oh, I loved the Norah Jones song,I think I am going to have to buy that one off of iTunes!

  5. I didn't know Amy Whinehouse cover Mommy Kissing Santa. Awesome. What a great version!

    Love all your Christmas picks!

  6. Amy was definitely different, but what a shame such talent is gone. Love the pics they put with The Christmas Song & holy cow that's Willie Nelson with Nora Jones. Totally cool. I likes that version. Thanks for sharing! Everyones picks are just too cool this week! Thanks for sharing your Christmasy finds! Thanks for playin' again this week! hugzzzz Have a great week!


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