Music Monday, My First Cassette

When I was 8, I got my first stereo, for Christmas. The stereo had a cassette player, so my Dad also bought my first ever cassette. It was Alvin & the Chipmunks Go Hollywood. It had a whole lotta hit songs from movie soundtracks, and I couldn't get enough of it! I would practice singing "You're the One that I want" from Grease, and act out each part. I would shadow box to "Eye of the Tiger", and practice my nonexistent ballet skills to "Fame."

It was a great Christmas present (the stereo was nice, too.) In honor of that great Christmas gift, I give you the classic Christmas song from Alvin and the Chipmunks, "Hurry Christmas Don't be Late."

Enjoy the song, but, I'm really okay with Christmas taking it's time getting here, because I'm so not ready!



  1. Music brings back so many brilliant memories.

    Eye of the Tiger was my first 45rpm single I ever bought and I played it over and over until it broke

    I bought the new Michael Bublé Christmas record yesterday and I love it.

  2. No one ever outgrows Alvin & the Chipmunks. I have two CDs with these little adorable rodents singing their lungs out. The otter of 45s is so retro. I recall how funny it was to explain to our kiddos how the old vinyls are like a CD, but not. We have a bunch of these in storage at my in-laws. It would be such fun to get those out one day soon. Thanks for the memories!

  3. I think Alvin & the Chipmunks are a part of everyone's childhood, aren't they? :) Love the walk down memory lane - and your song choice! :) Thanks for playing along with us again this week! :)

    Happy Birthday, Mikey! Here’s a Box of Rocks in this Winter Wonderland because Santa Claus is Coming to Town. Who? Santa Baby!

  4. Oh man I remember how much I wanted a radio and cassettes! Gosh those were the days huh.

    Love your selection!

  5. Cassettes were always in my stocking. I believe I had this one too!!

  6. I think I was close to the same age when I got my first boombox. That was a great gift. :-)

    Love your pick this week!

  7. What a wonderful memory to share with us, thank you. Music has a way of bringing back all sorts of memories like no other thing can.
    I just love the Chipmunk's Christmas song and could listen to it hundreds of times during the holiday.
    Can't wait to hear your memory for next week. =)

  8. What a great story!
    My husband loved the Chipmunks and I guess he drove his family nuts listening to them AND of course he played the Christmas songs over and over and now he has passed that on to his children!

    Oh, I am not ready either, I know how you feel!
    Have a wonderful week!!

  9. I miss those days. I always found them in my stocking. I love the Chipmunks.

  10. I guess the first time I heard Alvin was on TV, but I do remember the old 8 tracks & believe it or not I still see them all the time up at Goodwill can you believe it? Does anyone still have an 8 track that works? Sheesh!! Thanks for playing along - see you next time.

  11. Yeah! Eye of the Tiger! I think I was like 1st grade when that was the biggest hit! My kids actually went through a short Eye of the Tiger phase (I think it was on a movie again or something!)


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