Last Call for Entries, Your Child Could Win $5000!

There's not much time to enter this contest, but, if your child has a great idea for a business, he/she could win $5000!  $5000 is definitely worth taking a look and entering even with the time crunch! If my daughter was young enough, I'd be urging her to enter, but since she's not...I'm urging you...Go Enter!!

The Grow Your Own Business Challenge is open to kids age 7-16, and is sponsored by Warren Buffet and The idea of the contest is to encourage children to think like entrepreneurs, and be more financially responsible. The Secret Millionaire Club for kids is hosting the contest and entries can be individuals or groups of 2-4. Entry is easy but parents and teachers can help. (There are even teachers awards being given.)

Deadline is tomorrow afternoon January 20, 2012.

Enter here:

Good Luck!

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