Music Monday, It's a Pirate Party

It's Gasparilla Season again in Tampa, and that means a time to celebrate. What are we celebrating you ask? Pirates of course! It's the pirate invasion, and I will be lacing up my corset and putting on my boots for a great pirate party with my fellow pirate girls on Saturday. We will hit Bayshore on Saturday morning with all the other krewes. We will have our beads ready to toss to the screaming crowd. It's a huge Pirate party, and I can't wait! So, in honor of the good time to be had at Gasparilla, some party songs for Music Monday.

Have a happy Music Monday and a great week!



  1. Oh I wanna come join the pirate fun! :) LOVE all your choices - some of my favorites! :)

    At Last a Good Feeling Like My Dog and You

  2. Nice line of videos to enjoy today. Happy Monday

  3. New follower! Love the Blog, LOVE Pink!! :) Hope you follow back

  4. Ooh party over here!! I'm loving it!

    Thanks for sharing and linking up with us!

  5. Yarr! Ye pirate party sounds like a blast! Pity I won't be there... awesome music choices!

  6. The one time my internet goes crazy you got songs like these??? Girl you so ROCK! You have all my favorites. You know Pink is at the top of my list & Fergie well girl you know she can hold her own & my party girl Cyndi goes with out saying the other is a little new to me or I just can't remember. TOTALLY AWESOME.


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