Music Monday, New Music for a New Year

Happy Music Monday! It's a new year, and I'm looking for some new music! I'll never stop listening to all the old favorites, but I just love finding new grooves.

I heard this one on the radio today. you may have already heard, it I think Glee covered it, but it's pretty new to me. We are Young by Fun.

I got lucky and found this on YouTube. The band "Walk off the Earth" does a lot of covers but they really do something unique with the songs and the videos. They have some originals too that are pretty good. I was intrigued by the entire band playing this song on just one instrument.

This is one is by Karmin. I wasn't sure if I liked it at first, but it's kind of catchy. I love the style of the video, and I now want to run around saying "you can kiss my oh my gaww" lol! Hope you like it!

What new music are you listening to?

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  1. I like the first two vidoes. The second one was interesting, with all of the band playing the same instrument. I love my old favorites. I am a long time fan of classic rock, and that is what I listen to often. Yet, I do like hearing new music every once in a while.

    I am a new follower on GFC and added you to my circles from the Monday Mingle hop!


  2. All newbie tunes for my little ole ears. I think I like Walk Off the Earth the best of these, but the later one is a bit catchy sounding, though. Thanks for sharing!

  3. WOW, that is cool, the 2nd one, about all of the band playing the one instrument!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. quite a variety today - very cool. Everyone on the same instrument is a nice touch. Thanks for sharing

  5. Loved the second one!!! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. I'm with Jessica, I'm a true rock and roller, but I did like all these songs for their uniqueness. The first video was really odd, however, I didn't get it. I really thought the second one was SO cool with all the band members playing one guitar.
    The last one was really cute.
    Thanks for playing along each week... have a good one.

  7. I'm listening to Klove :)

    I love your selections. Thank you for linking up with us today.

  8. Okay ROCK THE HOUSE! Good choices. I love hearing new songs. Thanks for playing along. Hope to see you next week too!

  9. As my 'kids' (23 and 20) told me today, 'Hey mom you need to add some new stuff to your iPod' so obviously it is time for me to update!

    I enjoyed your picks and I agree, that was neat them playing the song on the guitar and I really liked the last song!

    Have a great week!!

  10. Those are great! And now I'm going to be saying "you can kiss my oh my gaww"...heh! ;)

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