Tampa, From atop a Gasparilla Float

This week is Gasparilla Fest in Tampa. It's our annual celebration of Pirates, and it's a blast. This past weekend was the Children's parade, and this coming Saturday is the more "adult" parade. I will once again be out there with my Pirate Krewe celebrating our favorite time of year. The many Krewes around Tampa work hard throughout the year, volunteering for various charities around the community, and holding their own fundraisers to give back to this great city. Gasparilla is our time to paint the town!

This past Saturday, I took the opportunity to get this picture of Tampa Bay from the top of our Krewe float.

♪Got my hands up, they're playing my song
and now I'm gonna be okay
Yeah, it's a party in the USA♪
(Miley Cyrus)


  1. I lived in Tampa for a few years and really miss Gasparilla - We definitely don't have anything like that in Indiana :)

  2. WOW so fun! I LOVE the photo. Thanks for linking this up in my Pinterest Party today! I'm now following you and giving you a pin! Have a super weekend.


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