Music Monday After Super Bowl

Well it's Music Monday, the day after the Super Bowl. I wonder how many people are calling in sick today, or at least a little late. I know I'll need some Starbucks energy to get me going after a late night!

So, what did you think of the Super Bowl? Was it everything you hoped? I have to say, for me, I think it was a little flat. Even though it was my Patriots playing, it just seemed a little boring, much like a tennis match just going back and forth. It really just lacked passion.

And the half time show, while I love Madonna, she seemed over rehearsed. The part with the pom poms just looked so stiff, like she wasn't being herself. It wasn't until she performed Like a Prayer that she finally seemed to relax, and then I was able to enjoy it.

Even the commercials lacked the usual excitement and flair.

I'm glad I spent the evening watching it with friends, but really, I could have been watching paint dry and enjoyed it just the same.

I don't know maybe it's just me, with everything going on in the world football just doesn't seem so important anymore.

My song choice for Music Monday a classic to express my feelings on the Super Bowl and my lack of excitement.


  1. I actually didn't watch the Superbowl. Instead, I resorted to some show about people being haunted and then I watched Snapped.

    But after looking through Facebook I realized a lot of people were saying that Madonna was great. At lip-syncing.

  2. We like both teams, but since we are fans of Payton Manning, then we like little brother, Eli. As for the commericals, we have seen far better ones in year's past. Advertising agencies who come up with these pitful videos are simply lacking in talent. I think these same people write a lot of Hollywood's movie scripts, too.

  3. We didn't watch the Super Bowl - but did catch the Halftime Show. I had the same thoughts you did about Madonna...though I have to give her props for such a huge performance - if I can look and move like that when I hit 53, I'll be a happy camper! My main thing was I couldn't tell if she was lip synching or if her mic wasn't turned up enough, because I couldn't really hear her until she 'relaxed' for Like a Prayer. Could just be the sound was on the wrong setting on my TV, though, since Princess Nagger and I were playing a video game earlier and had it set to game mode. :)

    The One That Got Away with a Red Solo Cup because there's just Somethin' 'Bout A Truck

  4. D'Oh!! I forgot to say I love your song choice! :)

  5. I thought it was only me that thought it seemed flat. Like just a regular football game. NO Ooomph.

    The half time show as ok, but I kept expecting something more...something else...something WOW...

    And so far the only commercial that got me was the M & Ms and the car and cheetah one.

    Yes it all lacked something.

    Great music choice for today too.

    Thanks for linking up with us

  6. Oh yea, I did wonder if Madonna was lip synching too... or her voice hasn't changed at all.

  7. I don't watch football so I don't watch the Super Bowl, I had fun watching a movie. I like Madonna, so I popped in to see her performance, at age 53, well, if I could wear 7 inch Thigh High boots and move like her, I would be happy. I enjoyed the show and chose not to over analyze every moment, maybe that is why I enjoyed it and why I am a happy person!!
    I loved your choice today, great song!!!

  8. Well, I was working last night so I didn't get to see the game, but watch parts of it on the news. Love your choice. I've danced to Fats many times. Have a great sweek.

  9. I love good ol' rock and roll. Thanks for sharing Fats Domino.

  10. I found my thrill on Blueberry Hill.... ollllllllllllllllllll' Fatssssssss He was too cool - great choice for DUH LOSERS! LOL Thanks for linkin up with us. Hope you had fun.

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