What Free Cereal for a Year Looks Like

I won Free cereal for a year from General Mills from a sweepstakes that I entered! I had no idea that I had won, until Fed Ex showed up at the door with a ridiculous amount of cereal boxes! Yes, they sent all the boxes at one time!

I'm not complaining, we can certainly use the cereal, and I'm grateful to General Mills for the free cereal. I just can't help but laugh when I look at all this cereal in my kitchen at one time!

Free Cereal For a Year

♪It's a little bit funny, this feeling inside♪ (Elton John)
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  1. Too funny! I'm surprised they didn't just send a dozen coupons good for free boxes! Hope it has a far-off expiration date!

    1. That's exactly what I thought! Yes, they're good until November. thank goodness!


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