New Glow Fusion Bubbles Light Up The Night

Saturday was the St. Patrick's Day parade through Ybor city at night. It's always one of my favorite parades of the year. Everyone puts on their light up jewelry, and glowing gear to light up the night. I knew it would be the  perfect time to try out the Super Miracle Bubbles Glow Fusion and High Beam Illuminator Bubble Blaster.

Who doesn't love bubbles?! There is just something so wonderful about bubbles. They are really fun for every age. I love the way they float away with all their colors shining in the flying spheres. And, now with Glow Fusion, we can enjoy playing with bubbles at night.

Glow Fusion Bubble Solution begins with Super Miracle Bubbles Premium Plus Solution (Earth’s Best Bubbles), coupled with our special formulated Infusion Activators (A & B) that are carefully constructed to outrageously light up your outdoor play with a fantastic orange glow!

Glow Fusion Bubbles retail $4.99

The Glow Fusion bubbles are really cool with the glowing orange container, but for amazing fun with Glow Fusion bubbles, pair it with the High Beam Illuminator Bubble Blaster. I love this toy!

It was so much fun to blow bubbles with it before the parade and from the top of the float. The blaster lights up blue and shines a light from the front to illuminate the bubbles as they are rapidly dispensed. What impressed me most was how well it blew bubbles. I used this for a couple of hours without it clogging, dripping or foaming. It worked better than any other bubble blower I've tried! And, it looked so cool! It really was a big hit!

Here I am in costume showing off the bubble blaster. 

The High Beam Illuminator comes with 2 bottles of Glow Fusion. It requires 4 AAA batteries that are not included. Retail $14.99

This is sure to be the hit toy of the Summer, at all night time events.

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disclosure: I was provided the items in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are my own. So, yeah, I really did love these!!

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