Summer Clothing From Fresh Produce

Even though it was a Monday, I floated through the day on a sunshine high. I was wearing my new Summer top from Fresh Produce.  It was comfy, bright and cheery, and it just made me feel so good to have it on.

Don't you just love when you're wearing new clothes that are not only cute and stylish, but also fit properly?! Because, it doesn't matter how cute something is, if you aren't comfortable wearing it! That's why I like Fresh Produce.

Fresh Produce is all about creating clothes that are bright, colorful and comfortable. The company was co-founded and is still run by a mom entrepreneur. Their clothing is primarily made in the USA, but they now ship to over 200 countries, and are sold in over 500 retail stores in the U.S. and Caribbean.

Their motto "Live life, enjoy color" is echoed in all their clothes. From womens t-shirts in fresh bright patterns, to shorts, sun dresses, and children's clothing, they have a variety of clothes to choose from that are designed to be lived in. 

Most their clothing is available in extended sizes, but I would make sure to check their size chart. I'm normally an x-large, but I had to get a large in this shirt. While I fill it out a little more than the model does, I think the x-large would have been a little too big. After all, clothes aren't made to hide your body style, they're meant to flatter it, so, don't buy to big!

I wore, my Fresh Produce shirt. I loved it. Then, I washed it... And, I still love it! It held up great in the wash, with the colors still nice and bright. Good thing, too, because no matter how much you like a company's style, if it can't be washed, what good is it?! 

Overall opinion of Fresh Produce, I like their style, and love the comfort and durability! 

disclosure: I received the shirt shown in exchange for my review. The opinions expressed are my own.


  1. super cute top! I think I'm gonna get one too. It's so hard to find clothes that actually fit right.

  2. You look lovely in that color!


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