Music Monday, Songs from 98Rockfest

It's Monday, and what a great Monday it is! Not only is it Music Monday, but it's a Monday that I don't have to work, and tonight I'm going to the advanced screening of The Avengers movie. I'm super excited!!

I went to 98Rockfest on Saturday in Tampa with hubby, my youngest daughter, and her boyfriend. It was a great day! I went especially to hear Shinedown, but there were also some other bands I like and some ones that I hadn't heard before, but I really enjoyed. Although I was looking forward to seeing Evanescence play, I have to say I didn't enjoy them as much as I thought I would. They sounded great, but when they performed, her voice was just so soothing that it seemed to change the energy level. Great performance but just not the right line up for them. Overall, though it was a great concert.

Today's music choices are some of my favorites from the weekend.

Love this Shinedown song:

5 Finger Death Punch has done a great remake of Bad Company. At the concert they dedicated this to our military.

Halestorm's songs were all hard hitting. I love the edginess of their female lead singer. This is the song they're most known for, and my favorite by them.

Another excellent remake. This one by Shinedown. This is such a great song with a great message. The live acoustic version was amazing!

Have a happy Music Monday, and a fabulous week!



  1. These are all new to me. This is what I like most about freebie week. I'm sure to pick up some interesting picks in the lot. Great jammin' music to really rock start this week! Thanks for joining the Love Train!

    Glad You Came-One Direction-Eyes Open-Fine By Me-I Kissed You Goodnight

  2. Some of these are new to me to, but you ROCK! Love them all. You got me rockin' in my chair her with my head movin' to the beat. Thanks for sharing and have a great week. See you next time.

  3. Excellent choices - some of those are new to me, but they all rock! :) Thanks for sharing and playing along! :)

    When I Grow Up I'll Feel Like A Rock Star, and with A Little Want To, Some Days You Gotta Dance Under These Stars

  4. Interesting songs--never heard of them before. My music education really keeps growing with this hop.
    Danielle @ Royalegacy

  5. Very interesting and new ones for me.
    Love it!
    Thanks for rocking with us today!

  6. I love Simple Man and that version is beautiful.
    I have never heard of Five Finger Death Punch, but I think their version of Bad Company is really good and the video with the troops is excellent.
    Thanks for sharing some great new songs with me.


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