This Day's Gone to the Dogs.

Do you ever think about what your pets are thinking when they look at you? In our house, it’s common for us to try to interpret what the pets are saying, and to say it in what we assume the animal’s human voice would sound like. You can often hear us saying things like, “Dublin says, ‘really must you make so much noise?’” in our distinguished older doggie voice, or “Marilyn thinks, ‘why did you ever get these ridiculous dogs?’” in our snobby kitty voice.

Then there’s the other dog, the younger, goofier, bigger, black lab. The one who tries to run on the wood floors and slips and slides around the corner. The one who’s just a little sensitive, and will actually lock himself in the bathroom if you raise your voice because he doesn’t want to be around any arguments. The one who doesn’t seem to know that he’s NOT a small breed lap dog.

Really his eyes don't look so  crazy in person :)

Our Dawson, the goofball. This is what his day sounds like:

1. Oh, oh you’re up! Time to play? What?! No! Don’t do your hair, that takes forever, take me out take me out. Awe man she’s doing her hair! pffffft

2. Outside, Outside, outside, Yay! I’m outside! HELLOOOOOOOOO Everybody I’m OUTSIIIIIIIIIIIDE!

3. Awe, I don’t wanna come in. Cookie, cookie, I want a cookie! What?! I can eat cookies fine standing up! Why do I have to sit?! Fine, I’ll sit! Yum! ME love cookies!

4. Wanna play? Wanna play? Here’s my toy, see I’ve got my toy here it is here it is! Play with me! Play with me! No? Bummer.

5. Wanna play? wanna play? Look, I’ve got your sock now you’ll have to play ha ha I’ve got your sock. Come and get it! Awe, you took the sock. Bummer. This sucks.

6. Wait! Where ya going? Can I come?! Are we going outside? I love outside! Oh, you’re going without me. Bummer.

7. Ooh you’re home! You’re home! Let me smell you where’ve you been?! Cookies?! Play?! Cookies?! OUTSIIIIDE! Oh it’s computer time? I’ll just lay in your lap then. Then you'll pay attention to me. Bummer I want to play. sigh

Isn't it funny how he had no thoughts until I got home?! Yeah, he totally loves me and just waits for me to get home. Of course that doesn't explain the chewed up roll of toilet paper in the living room...hmmm...

This post was inspired by the prompt: 7 things your pet thought about today. at Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop


  1. We have a chocolate lab mix! His dad was a pure bred chocolate and his mom was a golden retriever/basset hound mix! He has the same white on his chest and sometimes I really wish I knew what he was thinking! Other times, I'm rather glad I don't! Dawson seems awesome!

  2. My husband and I just died laughing. That sounds exactly like our lab.

  3. Our black lab is a sock bandit, too! She never hurts them--she just steals them and runs so we'll chase her. Well, she used to. She's too old to play sock now, but oh, those black labs are the best! :)


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