Aloha Friday, What is your Must have Summer Item?

Happy Aloha Friday! Can you believe we are only a week away from Memorial Day weekend?! The temperatures are rising. The days are getting longer. There is no hiding that Summer is almost here.  This weekend I'm taking my girls shopping so they can get some new clothes for Summer. My oldest wants new shorts, and my youngest needs a new dress for Senior breakfast and Graduation. *squee*  Here in Florida, we wear flip flops year round, but I wouldn't mind a new pair to kick off the Summer, and maybe some new nail polish in a bright color for the toes.

What is your must have item for Summer? Is it a new swim suit? (not me, once I find one I avoid that torture until I absolutely have to get a new one!) Is it new shoes, or nail polish? or maybe a new lotion in a summer scent? (mmm I love coconut!) What item says "Summertime is here"?

♪Summertime and the living's easy♪ (Sublime)


  1. A pool makes me happiest.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I have to agree with Stacy...some cute sandals and flip-flops!

  3. For me its usually a new pair of flip-flops. Somehow mine always disappear entirely over winter.

  4. A lot of pure icy water to drink and I absolutely love to be in the water too. ;D

  5. I nice pedicure to show off at the beach. :-)


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