Disney Pixar's Brave, Not your Typical "Princess" Movie.

 I have been excited for Disney Pixar's Brave since I saw the early production trailer. I immediately fell in love with the tomboyish Scottish princess, partly for her spunk and because of her awesome red hair (it may look a little like mine.) After seeing the film, I can say that it DID NOT DISAPPOINT! It was better than I could have ever expected.

I'm telling you Disney out did themselves on this one! This is like no other Disney Princess movie! Merida the Scottish Princess is not looking for a Prince Charming, she's looking for her own independence. She's looking to change her fate and she'll test her own limits to do so.

Merida is definitely a strong willed spirited girl that wants to live on her own terms, but the bigger story here is the struggle between mother and daughter. Anyone who has ever had a teen or been a teen will relate to this power struggle. Merida thinks her Mom is too old school, always telling her what to do. While the Queen just wants Merida to understand the importance of tradition and responsibility. They both make good points, but neither one is listening to what the other has to say. Sound familiar?!  I know it hit home for me!

And I'll warn you, if you're a crier, you may want to bring the tissues because this one will get the waterworks flying.

Despite the shed tears, the movie is mostly action packed and funny. In typical Pixar fashion, there are some adult components to this film that go right over the kids' heads, (like what's traditionally worn under a kilt,) but nothing that leaves you feeling uncomfortable or needing to explain to the children.

This movie is perfect for everyone; all ages, boys and girls. It is just so refreshingly different with so many great characters including the adorable triplets and a quirky witch. My teens and husband went with me to the screening and they all loved it. This is sure to become a classic in our home and I can't wait to see it again.

Disney Pixar's Brave is in theaters today, June 22, 2012.

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