Music Monday, Gone but Not Forgotten

It's Monday, and that means music. As usual, I'm playing along with Monday's Music Moves Me. This week's theme is: Gone but Not Forgotten, remembering artists we've lost recently.

We've certainly lost some great artists this year. Here's a few we've lost this year including a couple that slipped away without all the media coverage.

RIP Adam Yauch, a visionary.

RIP Barney McKenna banjo player and, at the time of his death in May, the last of The Dubliners original band. The Dubliners have influenced many bands including Dropkick Murphys and Flogging Molly.

RIP Earl Scruggs a mean banjo picker. I'm sure everyone can sing this song word for word.

And, the sweet sweet voice of Ms. Etta ♥♥

These artists may be gone, but they've left music that will live on forever. Though we can't all leave behind a musical legacy, we can use each day to leave behind a legacy of peace and love. Have a happy music Monday!