Music Monday, Shed a Tear and Have a Laugh

Happy Music Monday!

I grew up watching reruns of The Andy Griffith Show, and I looked forward to seeing Matlock stall the court until that last piece of evidence arrived.  Andy Griffith just always seemed like a bright light, a reminder of simpler times, and he always brought a smile to my face. He will be missed.

Waitin' on a Woman is a great song by Brad Paisley that was made that much better by Andy Griffith's performance in the video.

Another great loss this week; the late, great, Ernest Borgnine. He had such a great career. He is probably best known for his role on McHale's Navy, and as the voice of Merman on Sponge Bob. I also like him in the movie "the Poseidon Adventure."

This clip from McHale's Navy cracks me up.

Let's keep the laughter going with a clip from Mary Poppins...for no reason other than it just makes me smile.

I hope your week is full of laughter, and music!


  1. This was simply great! I enjoyed your picks very much. What a wonderful tribute to two old timers who have crossed over to the other side, but without bringing a smile to our faces. Have a wonderful week!

  2. It's a shame we don't have good ol' t.v. shows like that any more. I do really believe some of the great values of our generation are in part due to these wonderful shows that taught little moral teachings in each episode. Times change. Great post! Enjoy your day!

  3. Loved your choices, I am smiling :)
    Have a wonderful week!

  4. Very nice tribute.
    Talents gone but will live on in history.

    Love your choices and I agree to keep on smiling and laughing.

    Have a fun week!

  5. Oh I love your choices this week. Brad is hot, tribute to Ernest sweet, and Dick Van Dyke (Mary Poppins favorite). Way ta go girl! Totally entertaining. Don't forget to enter our give-aways the 100th wk celebration is coming fast!

  6. Oh, I so so so enjoyed these! What a great tribute to Andy and Ernest. And that Dick Van Dyke has got to be one of the greatest musical movie moments. This was just awesome!

  7. I had never seen that Brad Paisley video before, but I truly loved it... I even cried, it was so beautiful.
    The McHale's Navy clip was hysterical, and who doesn't love Mary Poppums (as my kids used to call her)?
    Thanks for always playing and sharing such great music.
    Hope you are having a great week.

  8. These were fabulous songs. Thanks so much for sharing them.

    Danielle @ Royalegacy


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