Aloha Friday, Imaginary Friends

It's Aloha Friday, the day to take it easy, and prepare for the weekend ahead of you. It's also the day that I ask you a question. This week's question:

Have you, or your child, ever had an imaginary friend?

I love to read your answers! Answer below, and then head to An Island Life for more Aloha Friday fun.


  1. I did! I don't know that Lil Duck does....yet. Her bajillion stuffed animals serve as her partners in crime right now. I love seeing where her imagination takes her though. I would totally support it. :)

  2. No to both, but one of my nieces did for a few months.

  3. I can't remember if I ever did - but Princess Nagger definitely did...and does! :) Even Little Dude pretends like he's talking to Lightning McQueen, Mater and Thomas - even when he doesn't have his toys (like at nap-time and bedtime - instead of sleeping, he's playing with his imaginary friends). ;)

    Night-Owls vs. Morning People

  4. No imaginary friend for me.
    And I am yet to see the kids do that either.

    Interesting thing though.

  5. If I had one today, it would be a shopping buddy who always tells me I'm great.

    Have a great Aloha Friday!


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