Music Monday, Spice Girls Reunion

Happy Music Monday! Today, my youngest daughter starts her first day of college, do I! We're up early to get her to class, and to get me to the college bookstore for all the supplies I need. I definitely need some music to get my butt moving!!

Let's start with the Spice Girls! I was so excited to see them reunited at the Olympics. I hope this means a reunion tour in the future.

Blow Me by P!nk

Payphone by Maroon 5 (Explicit)

Hope you got your toes tapping and your booty shaking for a great start to the week!



  1. Spice Girls look great!~ They haven't lost a thing, and well PINK she's my girl. Love Love PINK! All great choices my friend. YOU so ROCK!

  2. I did all the songs you chose. Love Spice girls, and Pink especially. Last one, well, I posted this on my blog a few weeks back, so you know I love it too.

  3. Great songs! I adore Pink and love love LOVE Maroon 5!
    Mine is here
    Have you a ROCKING AND WEEK!!!

  4. Spice Girls are really spicy and Payphone had me dancing in my seat. Freebie week is my favorite time to rock. What fun it was to dance with you. Keep that music alive and have rockin' time this week, my friend!

  5. As a person who usually likes more of an edge to their music, I will fully admit that I do not mind the Spice Girls.

  6. The Spice Girls really were great at the opening of the Olympics. I loved watching it again.

  7. Yes that was fun to see them re-united at the Olympics.

    Very fun selections! Thanks for hanging out with us today!


  8. Love Pink! not sure how I feel about a Spice Girls reunion - love the gals, but the time may have passed.
    Payphone is a great video!


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