Disney's FrankenWeenie Review, A Heart Warming Film

Disney's FrankenWeenie opens today, and it is a delightful movie! I had the pleasure of seeing it at the advanced screening, and I found it to be truly heartwarming.

When little Victor Frankenstein's dog dies, he is so sad that all he wants is to bring him back. Inspired by his science teacher, he does just that. Of course this leaves all the other kids wanting to do the same.

This is a very sweet story that plays homage to the great old classic movies. Frankenstein enthusiasts will love the many references to the old film, and families will like the fun and laughs.

I will caution you that some scenes may be too intense for very young children, but it is not gory or violent. One parent expressed concerns to me based on the commercials that referenced a Oijia board. I kept my eyes open for this type of scene but it must have landed on the cutting room floor because it was nowhere to be found. So, if this was going to keep you away, don't let it. Only you can be the judge of what's right for your children, but a theater full of children age 6 and up really seemed to enjoy it. Disney has done a great job with this film.

I think FrankenWeenie will be an instant Halloween classic.

disclosure: I received free admittance to this film for the purposes of review. All words and opinions are my own.

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  1. Probably not the best movie to take your kiddies out to go and see, but still a fun-loving, heartfelt flick that’s a nice return to pace for Burton. I just hope he can keep it going. Nice review.


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