Music Monday, Turn It Up!!

It's Music Monday and we are going to rock it! This week's theme? Music that you have to turn up loud!

Lynryd Skynyrd opens the song by telling you to "turn it up" so I had to include it!

This next one is Country Song by Seether

The bass line on this just screams "turn me up!" Beautiful People by Marilyn Manson

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band of all time.....

Have a great and musical Week!! And TURN IT UP!!!!!



  1. Forest Gump was a great movie & the song is every musician's nightmare mainly cuz it's requested so much. hahaha Don't know the next two, but I totally know the Stones! TURN ER' UP!!!! Thanks for rockin' with us!

  2. Oh, yes, these are High Volume! Wow, really liked the Seether song. My daughter would like it too :)

  3. Ooh definitely high volume! I knew when that guy on the voice sang Sweet home Alabama, he'd get picked.

    Thanks for rocking out!


  4. Dancing a day late, but you know what I always say…"better late than never!" WOW, you started & ended things with some get loud tunes - love 'em! Thanks for sharing your Turn Up the Volume song picks on Monday's Music Moves Me - great selection!

  5. LOL - I forgot that Sweet Home Alabama had the "turn it up" phrase. perfect. great song to play loud.
    And if Start Me Up doesn't get you movin....nothing will.


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