Aloha Friday, What was your most boring job?

Happy Friday! I was recently talking to someone about being bored at work. Which, by the way I'm not. So please don't send extra work! I don't need any! I have had jobs in the past that were just...BORING. Nothing you could do to make it better, it just was the way it was.

One of these jobs was a temp position at a middle school in Maine. I was filling in for the receptionist that was on maternity leave. My job consisted of marking attendance in the system, and then just sitting waiting for someone to come to the front desk with a question. There was no surfing the internet. No projects, nothing. I stared at the front door, hoping that I could use the power of thought to will someone to walk in with a question. My brain must not be strong enough because this rarely worked.

It was BORING!!
So todays question:  What was your most boring job?

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