Music Monday, Not just for Kids

Happy Music Monday! This week we're celebrating Kids' Show Theme Songs. For this one, I called in help from my "little" girl, my 18 year old Rose to remind me of some her favorite shows from her childhood. We talked about quite a few, and here's some that made the cut.

This was a huge fave of my girls!

This one's for me. I just loved this show on Saturday mornings.

This show had a better end song than opening song. and, with that I say good bye. Have a great week!



  1. I think my daughter popped Powerpuff girls on sometime too. Oh, and I remember Bear in the Big Blue House on at times. Gosh, this reminded me of mine when they were tiny.
    Have a great week!!

  2. OH POWDER PUFF GIRLS were big around here too. A couple new ones for me so thanks for sharing. Have a rockin' week!

  3. My kids love the PowerPuff girls!

    Very nice choices!


  4. My girls liked the Powerpuff Girls, too. I barely remember Pepper Ann. Your last video wouldn't play, so I'm not sure if I remember this one or not. Anywho, thanks for linking up with the best dance party in Blogosphere on Monday's Music Moves Me and I apologize for the late hop!


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