Music Monday, Free Bird for MLK Day

Okay, it's Monday, and though I've slept most of it away, I want to make sure to get some music up in honor of Music Monday! I received a link to this video in my e-mail, and almost hit delete, but after viewing it, I'm glad I didn't.

This is V, she's a protege of Cee Lo Green. She has a beautiful voice, and while I still prefer the original of this song by Lynrd Skynrd, I just love the visual impact of this video. It reminds me of the importance of remembering our past so we may learn from our mistakes, but breaking free from it's grasp to move forward.

It's the perfect video for MLK Day. I hope you enjoy it!



  1. Hey Girl, I saw ya sneakin' in!!! YOU SO ROCK! Where did you find this video? Totally cool! Thanks for sharin' it with us & playin' along too. You can come sign up with us early, on time, late or even two dates late our door is always open to a fellow rocker!!! hugs & have a great week!

  2. This is a lovely memorial for MLK day. It was great taking a look at this new YouTube video and listening to an old hit as a do-over. Loved having you on Monday's Music Moves Me period. :)

  3. She does have a beautiful voice.

    I love when bigger artistes work with younger ones and help them along.

    Sorry I"m late!

    Happy Thursday!


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