Wicked Lovely Deal, iPad Stylus Plug In $1.49 + Free Shipping

I love finding cool new products and especially cool products with great deals!

Have you ever wished you had a stylus for your iPad, but don't want to worry about carrying one around or losing it in the bottom of your purse?

Then you're gonna love this wicked lovely find from miniinthebox.com It's a stylus that attaches where your charger goes, and it keeps it dust free. It's only$1.49 with FREE shipping That's 32% off the regular price of $2.19 which is still a really great price!

And, if you use Ebates you'll get 4% cash back!

order in March and save $2 off a $20 purchase with code MAR2M

Check out the site they have a whole section of items under $1.99 including charger cords, and more..

With deals like this, you can get 1 for all your friends!

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