Miley Cyrus Targets the GOP in Her Latest Video, Now That's what I Call a Role Model!

If you missed SNL last night, you missed Miley Cyrus taking a little time to laugh at herself, and the republican party. Miley may have been the subject of controversy recently with her less than lady like behavior, but in the whole big scheme of things, does her behavior matter much when our United States government can't get their act together?!

Who's more at fault here, a young adult who likes to sing and do a little twerking now and then, that has never said she wants to be a role model for American youth.
A group of public officials elected to work for America, that can't seem to understand that their job is not just about what their party wants, but what is best for the country, and every decision they make impacts real people?!

Um, yeah...nice role models, there, Washington!

So, here you go, the latest hit from Miley Cyrus and the SNL cast, We did Stop takes a look at the behavior of the Republican party, and all their wisdom of throwing a temper tantrum called government shutdown, when the very thing they're fighting against, (ObamaCare) is not impacted at all by their decision!
But, what do they care, they're still getting paid!

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