Music Monday, I met Patricia Quinn from Rocky Horror!

I'm a little late getting going today with Music Monday, because I spent my weekend in Orlando for Spooky Empire. Spooky Empire is a convention for Horror movie fans. There were vendors selling jewelry, clothing, artwork, toys and more. And, this is the most exciting part, there were people associated with some of the biggest horror movies like Kane Hodder (Jason Voorhies), and Doug Bradley (Pinhead), and even George Romero creator of The Living Dead.

They were all so friendly, but my favorite person of the weekend was the one and only Patricia Quinn! Patricia Quinn, of course, is Magenta from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Meeting her was such an honor! She was so polite and friendly. She even said she liked my necklace (I made it!). What an honor!
Patricia Quinn and Amethyst Moon

If you have Patricia Quinn available, and you have a shadow cast performing Rocky Horror, of course you're gonna have her introduce the film! YES! IT WAS AWESOME!!

So, in honor of Patricia Quinn, for Music Monday, ♪Let's do the Time Warp again

Why not one more song... The opening theme to Rocky Horror

I hope you have a musically happy week and with Halloween happenings, be safe out there!

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  1. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!! I never had the opportunity to see a live play, but I hear it's a gas! Lucky you! THANKS FOR SHARING! Great pic! HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Thanks for joining us too! hugs

  2. Classic! What an awesome person to get to meet too.
    Have a boo-tiful week!
    ~Naila Moon

  3. Was only talking about Science Fiction song yesterday as Patricia Quinn was in an old programme on TV.

    Have a horrortastic week ;-)

  4. Hitting the dance floor once again after my brief blog hiatus. Can you believe it, I have not seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show? What fun that must have been to meet a member of the original cast. Thanks for helping to make Monday's Music Moves Me!

  5. OMG -- that is sooo cool! how incredible. one of the best in the genre of all time. and the music was awesome then - and still is now. S'sly, who can resist the Time Warp? nobody.

  6. Wow. I'm glad you got to enjoy such a time and definitely a lovely necklace!

    Thanks for rocking the music train and sorry I'm late.



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