Autumn Fashion For Southern States Doesn't Mean Scarves and Sweaters

With Fall leaves changing colors in the North, and Thanksgiving right around the corner, I got to thinking about Autumn fashion. The stores all have warm winter clothes in them, but I'm still in the shorts of Summer because the warm sun is still shining on us here in the South.

So, we're not quite ready for the warm clothes just yet, but I want to get into the spirit of Autumn and the Thanksgiving holiday...

So, I think it's up to us to bring in the colors of Autumn in our clothing while still being casual and comfortable.

I played with the layout maker of ShopStyle for the first time to put together a few things. What do you think?

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  1. Love the colours -- I got snow up here already so I think I would need a bit more skin coverage - LOL
    Them boots though!!! Get on my feet. :)


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