Disney's Frozen Movie Review, Way Better than I Expected!

Update: Since this initial review of Frozen in theaters, I bought the blu-ray. When I say it was better than I expected, I mean it was way better than expected! I mean way better! I love this movie! And, I can't stop singing ♪Let it go Let it go♪ Love it! Disney is magical!

It's rare that Disney messes up on anything, but this time they messed it up big time!

You're probably wondering 'what could Disney possibly mess up?' Well, I'll tell you...

I've seen various trailers and images for Disney's new movie Frozen for quite a few months now, but I didn't share any of them with anyone. The reason...They did not look good.  I don't know if it was the way they were pieced together, or just the character clips, but it wasn't enticing and I had no interest in seeing the movie. That's where Disney messed up. The Frozen trailers just don't do it justice!

Disney's Frozen is awesome! It is such a fun touching sweet movie. Disney has brought back the old school magic with this one. Even the soundtrack is fabulous, and you know how important music is to me. By the end of the movie, I could hear people in the theater singing along to what will become classic songs. It is truly great, and not at all dumb like the trailers made it seem.

Frozen is based on the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale story of The Snow Queen. It is the tale of 2 sisters, both princesses, that are the best of friends. One sister has a magic that turns things to ice and snow. She tries to keep this magic hidden until she can no longer do so, and ends up freezing her land in the middle of Summer. The other sister, Anna, must try to save her kingdom and the relationship with her sister.

The story is about friendship, family, responsibility, and love in many forms. It has a cast of great characters including Olaf, the snowman. Olaf was one of the reasons that I didn't want to see the movie when I saw him in the trailer, but he turns out to be a nice little addition to the story. His warmth which is contrary to his icy cold body, is very endearing.

*****possible Spoiler alert******** I don't give it all away, but reading this next paragraph could give you a heads up on what happens in the end.

One of the best things about this movie is that it continues the theme Disney started with Brave; that a woman does not need to have a man to survive. I really like that while it shows that women can have a love interest, there are other forms of true love that go beyond a kiss from a Prince.

******End spoiler*****

Bottom line, if you're like me and saw the Frozen trailer and decided not to see it, the trailers are wrong and Frozen is Amazeballs! It is good for all ages and you don't need to have a child to enjoy it.

Even, the classic Mickey short at the beginning was incredibly done. It was modernized and brought into 3D in what is the best 3D work that I have ever seen. You must go see this movie in the theater in 3D just so you can see this short. I'm happy to see Disney introducing old black and white Mickey cartoons to a whole new generation. Big kudos to the production crew on this one!

Hubby went with me so I didn't have to go alone, and he was glad he did. He actually gave it 5 stars (he's stingy with those stars,) and he said it is a definite buyer. I completely agree, and so did everyone in the theater. As we were leaving I heard kids exclaim "I love Frozen, Mommy!". I agree, kid, I love Frozen!

It is a buyer for sure, but don't wait to buy it, see it now, it is so worth it!

disclosure: I attended a free screening for the purpose of completing this review. I was not compensated. All opinions are my own.

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  1. I felt the same way. Wasn't that interested, but ended up loving it through and through!


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