Music Monday, Delicious Molasses Cookies and Yuletide Greetings

It's Monday, again, and the last one before Christmas, so of course that means Christmas music on this MusicMonday!

But, first I must tell you about this yummy cookie recipe that I found on Pinterest. I was baking today, many of my usual holiday treats when I decided I wanted something different. Turn to the ever reliable Pinterest, and I found this recipe for Soft Ginger Molasses cookies. They are so so yummy! They have the perfect balance of sweet and spice with a crispy outside and a soft chewy middle. Perfect!

The recipe makes a lot of cookies, even when you don't stick to the perfect 1 inch ball of dough, so I will be sharing some with friends, (but not too many, these are too good to give too many away!) I will definitely be keeping this recipe in the holiday line-up. Thanks to Free Time Frolics for the recipe.

Okay, enough about cookies, let's hear some music! Here, with a quite unique and all too true Christmas song is Dropkick Murphys with Christmas Where I'm From

I hope you have a happy Monday, a great week and for those that celebrate it, in any way, a very happy Christmas! No matter how crazy it is, I hope you love every minute of it!

Happy Yule!