Rugged Wireless Speaker May Be the Perfect Gift for an Active Music Lover, HMDX Jam XT Review

When HMDX contacted me to review one of their Jam speakers, I was very happy to do so. Since I had my choice of speakers, I chose the Jam XT Extreme because it is splash proof, and we spend a lot of time by the pool with music.

The HMDX Jam XT Extreme is a Bluetooth wireless speaker. It is wireless up to 30 feet. This means you can steam from your phone, or other bluetooth music device from across the room, or in my case, across the patio. This is nice because you don't have to worry about getting up to change songs or volume, you can just do it from your device without stopping what you're doing, (or not doing, if you're relaxing by the pool). Of course, if you don't have a Bluetooth Device, you can use it with a USB cord.

The sound is good and clean. It comes with an attached carabineer, which is nice for attaching it to a bag when going to the park or beach. I used to attach to my belt loop and dance around the patio, but that may not be for everyone. :)

This is a pretty rugged little speaker, it's drop proof and dirt proof, which is really important if you're going to be travelling with it, or letting the kids play with it.

I was impressed with this little speaker. It's a nice value for this price point (MSRP $69.99). It comes in multiple colors, and will play for a bout 4 hours on one charge. This could be a great gift for a music loving teen, or someone with an active lifestyle that wants to be able to bring their music with them. I could see this being used at the beach, or camping, and because of its ruggedness there's no need to worry about it getting broken. If you need a last minute gift for someone this holiday season, this may just be what you're looking for. And, I'm sure you can find a great deal!

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