There is a Fine Line Between Friendly and Obnoxious. or Who's to Say What You Can Do With Thermal Underwear!

Have you ever had that cashier at the store that checks you out and never says a word? I often wonder how that cashier ever got the job. Didn’t he have to speak in the interview? Didn’t the interviewer notice that the cashier had no personality?

I just want to shake the cashier and say “Hello, you’re in customer service, you could at least acknowledge that I’m here. You know, as in service the customer!” “I’m not asking for much; a simple ‘Hello’ will be fine.”

Having a cashier that never acknowledges you is the worst…or…is it?

Yesterday. I went to the store to do a little shopping for the Yuletide Season. After standing in line for a bit, the cashier greeted us with a friendly smile and, “Hi!”

She then rang up an item, stopped to read the label, and asked, “Where’d you get this from?”

I responded, “the Christmas section.”

“Are there any more?” she asked.

“Yes, there are plenty.”

The cashier then explained how much her boyfriend loves them, and she wants to buy some for him. This was followed by “I’m glad you didn’t take them all.”

I’m thinking, ‘weird, we only bought one…not 20…but she’s just being friendly…trying to be funny.’

She then grabs the next item saying, “I didn’t know we sold thermal underwear, here. I mean it doesn’t even get cold enough for these!” She scans the next item.

I’m thinking, ‘um, people do travel...or is there some new law that requires you to only buy underwear in the state you're gonna use them in?! ’ and 'um, yeah sometimes it's cold!'

This goes on, item after item commentary after commentary, opinion, after opinion, until she finally gets to the small 4 ft. blue tinsel tree that I bought. She looks at it and says, “What are you going to use this for? Is it just decoration, or is it your actual tree?”

“Just decoration”, I responded.

“I was wondering what anyone would use those for! It couldn’t possibly be someone’s actual tree!” she exclaimed, followed by a full explanation of the Christmas decorations at her house, and on, and on, and on…

I smiled, thanked her, and left thinking, ‘Ugh! Shut up already! I mean really, what if it was my only tree?! You don’t know my situation. Who said I wanted your opinion on every little thing...and what’s with asking me where everything is in your store…it’s your store…I should be asking you! And,'s the holiday season, the thermal underwear could be a gift! It's really none of your business what I'm going to do with anything I buy! It is a fine line between friendly, and obnoxious…and you…just crossed it! Ugh! Now, Where is that cashier that doesn’t talk?!’

So, what’s worse, the customer service person that never speaks? or, the one that speaks so much you want to shove something in their mouth?
Hmm…I think I may have found another use for those thermal underwear. ;)
♪Be careful what you wish for, 'Cause you just might get it all.♪ (Daughtry)


  1. Ha! I so agree! While it is awkward to get a silent cashier (especially one that doesn't smile at all) I've had some who just won't be quiet as well! We live in a fairly small town so most of the cashier's are friendly and I see them all the time -- we can get carried away chatting and that's alright, too!

  2. I have met a few that never speak or anything I am like omg at least ask me if I found everything okay. Customer service makes a store. There are some cashiers I love and I will only go through their line if I see them.

  3. LOL I honestly don't mind either the cashier who never speaks or the one who speaks too much. Funny story!

  4. What's worse is that I work in a high school and it never fails that when I need to purchase anything personal one of my kids is there to ring me up!

  5. lol isnt there anyone "middle of the road" anymore

  6. Since I coupon I come across some very opinionated cashiers. I love the ones that act like the coupons are coming out of their pay check. Customer service is not for everyone.

  7. Ha! Oh my! LOL! This really reminds me a little of the lady at our local store. She doesn't talk to ME though.. she sort of mumbles to herself and literally examines my stuff. Seriously like reads the packaging! It freaks me out!

  8. Maybe she was just in a really good mood?! It is strange that she had something to say for every item you purchased though. I like talkative cashiers more than the silent ones with the "I hate my job" look.

  9. Customer service is definitely not for everyone. I love to see all the colorful people in the check out lines when I go places. Kinda makes me laugh sometimes.

  10. Hahaha the girl at our CVS always wants to talk to my husband FOREVER. He said "If you just stare and don't respond, she will finally stop talking" LOL

  11. I like the cashier who talks and at least tryies to make the experience a pleasant one for me.

  12. One comment is fine but to talk about everything and not shut up? That's way too much chatter!

  13. Hahahaha, I think the one that talks too much would definitely be worse. I'd rather a cashier not speak then talk my ear off.

  14. It might be rude, but I hate when people try to make small talk with me!

  15. Oh gosh that is terrible and I hate when they question my item choices. I just tell them they should try new things, etc and that shuts them up. I let them know hey not everyone is the same. I don't mind the small talk but when they are bad at it they should keep it at a minimum.

  16. In situations like the one with Chatty Cathy, I always think of brilliant retorts AFTER I LEAVE THE STORE! Ha Ha.


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