There is a Fine Line Between Friendly and Obnoxious. or Who's to Say What You Can Do With Thermal Underwear!

Have you ever had that cashier at the store that checks you out and never says a word? I often wonder how that cashier ever got the job. Didn’t he have to speak in the interview? Didn’t the interviewer notice that the cashier had no personality?

I just want to shake the cashier and say “Hello, you’re in customer service, you could at least acknowledge that I’m here. You know, as in service the customer!” “I’m not asking for much; a simple ‘Hello’ will be fine.”

Having a cashier that never acknowledges you is the worst…or…is it?

Yesterday. I went to the store to do a little shopping for the Yuletide Season. After standing in line for a bit, the cashier greeted us with a friendly smile and, “Hi!”

She then rang up an item, stopped to read the label, and asked, “Where’d you get this from?”

I responded, “the Christmas section.”

“Are there any more?” she asked.

“Yes, there are plenty.”

The cashier then explained how much her boyfriend loves them, and she wants to buy some for him. This was followed by “I’m glad you didn’t take them all.”

I’m thinking, ‘weird, we only bought one…not 20…but she’s just being friendly…trying to be funny.’

She then grabs the next item saying, “I didn’t know we sold thermal underwear, here. I mean it doesn’t even get cold enough for these!” She scans the next item.

I’m thinking, ‘um, people do travel...or is there some new law that requires you to only buy underwear in the state you're gonna use them in?! ’ and 'um, yeah sometimes it's cold!'

This goes on, item after item commentary after commentary, opinion, after opinion, until she finally gets to the small 4 ft. blue tinsel tree that I bought. She looks at it and says, “What are you going to use this for? Is it just decoration, or is it your actual tree?”

“Just decoration”, I responded.

“I was wondering what anyone would use those for! It couldn’t possibly be someone’s actual tree!” she exclaimed, followed by a full explanation of the Christmas decorations at her house, and on, and on, and on…

I smiled, thanked her, and left thinking, ‘Ugh! Shut up already! I mean really, what if it was my only tree?! You don’t know my situation. Who said I wanted your opinion on every little thing...and what’s with asking me where everything is in your store…it’s your store…I should be asking you! And,'s the holiday season, the thermal underwear could be a gift! It's really none of your business what I'm going to do with anything I buy! It is a fine line between friendly, and obnoxious…and you…just crossed it! Ugh! Now, Where is that cashier that doesn’t talk?!’

So, what’s worse, the customer service person that never speaks? or, the one that speaks so much you want to shove something in their mouth?
Hmm…I think I may have found another use for those thermal underwear. ;)
♪Be careful what you wish for, 'Cause you just might get it all.♪ (Daughtry)