It's Music Monday, and boy have I been busy! Hubby and I got up early to hit the new Corner Cafe for breakfast. Then we roamed around the book store and Target before going to get my daughter a new sim card.

My daughter's phone was stolen when her boyfriend's car was broken into yesterday. They were walking the trails at a local park when someone smashed in his car window along with another car, and stole their bags. Unfortunately, Rose lost her phone, wallet and ipod because they were all in her purse.

The police officer told us that this was common for thieves to look for valuables in the front seat that they can easily smash and grab. They had just hit 5 cars at the park up the road. An expensive lesson for my daughter, and a terrible reminder to the rest of us to not be so trusting with leaving our bags where they can be seen in the car!

So, with all the running around done, now it's time for homework, and some blogging, (I'm very behind!). I figure this means some upbeat fun music is in order to get me through the rest of the day!

Remember this one? When was the last time you got jiggy with it?!

♪nana na na nana na♪