Yoga Pose of the Day, Gorilla Style

It's Wordless Wednesday, and what better way to be wordless than with a relaxing yoga pose. As you may know I have made a change to have a healthier lifestyle, and that has included adding more yoga to my life.

Yoga is a great way to relax, improve your flexibility, strengthen your core, and improve your mental health. It has done wonders for my Psoriatic Arthritis. When I practice yoga, I feel less pain, more calm, and have more energy.

Yoga doesn't have to mean lots of twisting, and crazy headstands; you don't have to be a pretzel. Yoga is unique for everyone. It is your own practice. If you've had a long day and you want to refresh your legs. Try this easy pose:

Legs Up a Wall

You'll be feeling great, in no time!
Have a happy and healthy Wednesday!
♪Sunshine on my shoulder makes me happy♪
(John Denver)


  1. LOL awesome, sometimes our dog stretches into some yoga moves, I need to get some pics next time :)

    1. LOL! They actually have a program for doing yoga with your pets. Check it out on youtube. It's quite interesting! :)


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