Gluten Free Spring Snack Mix Recipe

One of my favorite snacks to make for holidays and get togethers is Chex Snack mix. I usually have ingredients on hand, and the recipes are so easy. One of the bext thing about Chex is the many flavors they have that are Gluten Free. It can sometimes be difficult to find gluten free recipes, so if you have someone that is on a Gluten Free diet, this may be a nice little treat for them.

Just mix up a quick batch and put it in a nice container or treat bag and Wa La! You have the perfect Gluten Free Easter gift!

Gluten free spring snack mix

3 c. corn Chex (Gluten Free)
3 c. rice Chex (Gluten Free)
3 c. mini pretzels (Snyders has Gluten Free pretzels)
1 c. dry roasted peanuts (pecans or almonds also work great!)
2 c. pastel M and Ms (yes they are also gluten free!)
2 c. white chocolate chips melted (you can use more if you prefer more sweet taste)

Combine cereal, nuts, and pretzels in large bowl. Mix in melted white chocolate until lightly coated. Stir in M and M's. Spread on cookie sheet to cool. Enjoy!

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