Think you're making a healthy food choice to avoid supporting a junk food company, think again. The Disturbing Truth about the Food You Eat.

On a quest to live a healthier lifestyle, my husband and I switched to a more natural diet. Changing what we eat and where it comes from has made a huge difference in our health. I find that I have more energy, and my arthritis is more manageable. He has less pain and fatigue, and his liver is healing itself. Boy, what a relief that is! And, it's all because of the choices we make in what we eat!

Since making this change, I realize how important it is to pay attention to labels and to know where my food is coming from. We really try to shop local Farmers markets and support smaller companies. I have found some of the most delicious organic treats that I can honestly say are better than any of the processed junk that I used to eat! And, along with being better for me, I'm helping small farms and cottage industries as they try to make their way in a difficult market.

Because of this natural lifestyle change and my newly found interest in what we put in our bodies, I have realized how big a business food is, and how little choice we, the consumer, really have. It's interesting to see that when you think you're choosing one peanut butter company over another because it seems healthier, that it may really be coming from the same company that just slapped a different label on it to get another corner of the market!

When it comes to food choices, it may seem like there are many companies to choose from, but in fact it is really only a small group of companies that produce the many different items on our grocery store shelves. You may be supporting a junk food company with your healthier food choice and not even know it!

The good news is the USDA has reported that the amount of Farmers Markets in the U. S. has increased. That means more choice for consumers and more hope for small business and healthier natural food choices.

Alarming Comparisons of the Groceries You Buy: How Big Food Companies Create The Illusion of Free Choice
I received no compensation for this post, I just found it very interesting, and I hope you do too. Information provided by Alex Hillsberg.

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