Almost 3 Years Later, Finally a Plumeria Flower

For the longest time, it was just a stick in a pot. A friend gave it to me and told me it was really easy to grow. I do not have a green thumb at all, but I gave it a try. Months later, it still looked like a stick. Then one day, a leaf appeared, then another. It wasn't a stick anymore, now, it was a stick, with leaves!

I said, "someday it will have flowers."

A year later, a branch sprouted, but still no flowers. It sprouted quite a few more leaves, and yet another branch. Each time the change caught my attention. I watched to see if this bud would become a flower. Instead the bud was more leaves, then another branch. It had become to look like a real tree; no longer just a stick with leaves.

It has been almost 3 years since I stuck that stick in that flower pot hoping for flowers. Over the years of watching the leaves uncurl as the branches reach for the sun, I stopped thinking about the flowers it would bring. I began to just enjoy watching the new shape it would take as it spread its branches.

Then yesterday, I saw it, the bud that I thought was yet another leave, was in fact the beginnings of my first Plumeria flower. It had finally arrived and in such beauty!

I can't help but feel proud of this beautiful little bloom. They say good things come to those who wait, in the case of this Plumeria, that proves to be very true.
♪Have a little patience, yeah yeah♪ (Guns & Roses)
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