Guardians of the Galaxy; Go See it! Leave the Young ones at Home!

I have never read any of the comics so, I really didn't know what to expect going into Guardians of the Galaxy. I knew it looked fun, but I had no idea! Seriously! You have to see this movie... In the theater.... Don't wait! It is AWESOME!

It opens up in 1988 with a little boy pushing play on and an Awesome Mix Tape. That was it for this 80's kid, I knew it was going to be good.

I didn't expect it to be as good as it is! It is like buckling in to an incredible roller coaster ride and being blasted off into outer space with people you've never met, and by the end of the ride, they are your best friends, and you can't wait to ride again. That's how I feel about this movie; I can't wait to ride it again!

I think it may be the best Marvel movie, yet! The characters are all so fun to watch and they are so much more complex than your average superhero. They seem so real, so relatable. These are characters that you would just want to hang out with.

It is the telling of how the Guardians of the Galaxy come to be, but it doesn't have any long drawn out character establishment stuff. It is just pure, fast moving, fun!

And, the music...the music! It is such a perfect blend of pop songs from the 70's and 80's, and it plays such an important part of the movie that it's almost another character, itself. I loved it so much, that hubby bought it for me that night! I'm grooving to it right now. (♪Ooh child, things are gonna get easier♪)

So, the movie's great, the music is great, the characters are great, it's all great, but there is something you may not all think is great...This is not a movie for kids. Sure, it's got an adorable tree guy in it, and there's a super cute raccoon, but...It is PG13. It contains violence and profanity so I wouldn't recommend taking your highly impressionable 6 year old to it. I mean, it's your kid, so parent how you choose, but just be prepared to explain some middle fingers flying, and the inevitable "Mommy, what's a whore?"

I say, leave the kids at home and go see it on your own! You deserve a date night, and this movie is perfect for it.
Then, if you think your kid will be okay watching it. And, you've prepared yourself for those difficult conversations...go again, believe me you'll want to see it twice. It is that good!

Hubby and I waiting to watch Guardians of the Galaxy in 3D.


disclosure: I attended a free screening of this movie for the purpose of this review. All opinions expressed are my own. Site may contain affiliate links.

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