Music Monday, Who was with Katy Perry at VMA? and Is Taylor Swift Racist? #MusicMonday

It's Music Monday, and everyone is talking about last night's VMAs. Miley had a homeless person accept her award. Beyonce broke down when Jay-Z brought Blue Ivy to the stage to present her the Vanguard award. And, the big question of the night...Who was the guy with Katy Perry?! He looked like an over the top SNL skit! But, nope no comedic attempt here, he is the rapper known as Riff Raff and that's just his regular look, bling teeth and all, so hey, good for him!

Taylor Swift performed her new song Shake it Off. Last week, the news was all about the video being racially insensitive. I don't see it at all! It's a catchy simple pop song with a cute video that has multiple dance styles. I think it's racially insensitive to say that any one dance style only belongs to a certain race or that one fashion style can only be worn by a certain ethnicity. We can only be equal when we stop trying to classify people and styles. If you like the style wear it. If you like the moves shake it! ♫Shake it off shake it off♫

What do you think, am I missing something? Is Taylor Swift really being racist, or is this just the usual case of the media finding something to create news and controversy?

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