Music Monday, Rocking the Train Off the Tracks as the Spotlight Dancer!

Happy Music Monday! This week is special because I've been selected as the Spotlight Dancer at Monday's Music Moves Me. So, I'm gonna show you my dance moves to this week's theme of train songs, (songs about trains or have a train in them.)

I appreciate the honor, and hope that I don't slip and fall as I make my way to the dance floor. So, I'm gonna start it off with something a little slower with some grooves by Smokestack Lightning.

Next up a modern version of Johnny Cash's Folsom Prison Blues by Everlast.

I think we're warmed up and ready to really bust some moves with Quad City DJ's!

Let's run this train right off the tracks with ACDC's Rock n Roll Train!

Now that you're up and dancing, I hope your week stays positive, and musically awesome!



  1. Congratulations on being the Spotlight Dancer! Yes, you rocked the train off it's tracks with these tunes and got us all movin' - but the only song I knew was the one by Howlin' Wolf - not even AC/DC...oh boy. Great theme! You did good. Hope you keep the music playing all week!

  2. Congrats on being in the spotlight this week!
    GREAT creative theme - at first I thought I was going to be stumped, but then, I ended up being really inspired!
    Wonderful song selection - I am truly looking forward to seeing what everyone picked this week.
    Have fun (and I wonder who'll be dancing the Locomotion!)

  3. Congratulations on being spotlight dancer of the week! Just loved your choo choo selections.

  4. Oooo Girl! You have more spotlights on you then the sun itself! Woo Hoo! YOU'RE SO ROCKIN' THE HOUSE.. WHILE RIDIN' YOUR ROCK N' ROLL TRAIN! Woo hoo What a fun theme! You have taken us to another level! Alright! CONGRATS OUR ROCKIN' QUEEN! WOO HOO! Luvin all your choices! Woo Hoo

  5. Congrats on being the spotlight dancer. Loving the song Smokestack good.

  6. GMTA :)
    Congratulations being in the spotlight!
    And thanks for rocking out.

  7. Cannot believe I forgot about Come and Ride it!! that brings back lots of dance floor memories. haha
    I almost had Smokestack Lightning - but I think I have used it several times before on the music train. Such a great song. And Everlast didn't do too bad on that cover! They do an amazing one of Brown Eyed Girl too.


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