Songs With Positive Energy #MusicMonday

Happy Monday! I hope your week is off to a great start. Mine is. I had a great relaxing weekend with the family. We went to the museum, the movies, and did some shopping. I also squeezed in some time for homework, and got a decent grade on my Metereology quiz, so all is good.

I just want to keep this positive energy going with some great positive tunes. I hope you find something to inspire you to be You, because there is nobody better! Have a great week full of fabulous moments!

First up is Kacey Musgraves with Follow Your Arrow. I got to see her perform earlier this year, and she was just as good Live. This song comes with a great message reminding us all to just do what makes us happy.

You never know how you can change the world. Just be brave and be you.
Brave by Sara Bareillas

I adore this song! It is such a great reminder to stop worrying about what everybody else thinks. This song speaks to me so much! Here is Secrets by Mary Lambert.


  1. I"m so glad you had a fantastic weekend! I hope you keep revving those positive vibes!
    Thanks for rocking!
    Have a great week!

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you also have a great week!

  2. Can you imagine, if we were all a little brave what we can accomplish? I try to not worry so much, if a song moves me and it puts the move in me in public anymore. This use to drive my kids nuts, but hey you only live once, right? Secrets is an honest kind of song and why should we hide who we are? Maybe, if we didn't hide away then there wouldn't be so many mental health or self image issues. What do you think? Keep those positive feelings flowing, girlfriend & have a tunetastic week! ;)

    1. I've definitely embarrassed my kids a couple times but when the music moves me...
      I so agree that we need to talk about things more, maybe mental health issues will then be able to come out of the shadows and the people that suffer from it will be able to get some real help, or at least some compassion from others.


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