Boom! What a Way to Kick Off the Week!

The Walking Dead came back with a big bang and I'm so pumped about this season! I don't want to spoil anything for those of you that didn't stay up to watch it, but I will say it was explosive! There were edge of your seat moments, reunions, and plenty of dead walkers. It was AWESOME!

Because I'm so excited for The Walking Dead, and I'm ready for an awesome week, let's get it started with some music to get us up and moving.

Let's kick this Music Monday off with a boom.

And, end it on a bang!

Have a bangin' good week!


  1. I keep hearing so much about the "Walking Dead" that I'm going to watch it to see what all the hoopla's about. Great songs you picked this wee - you rocked the house again.

    Happy Monday!!

  2. I like these especially Bang Bang :-)

    Have a bangtastic week ;-)

  3. I missed the new show last night.
    I'll have to catch up.
    I'll be missing it each Sunday because of our schedules.

  4. You definitely had me dancing. Love the Bang Bang song it's on my playlist.


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