How Adults Can Color To Relieve Stress with Adult Coloring Books

Isn't it funny how some things are such a big part of our childhood, but as adults we don't make any time for them? Why is it that we think we're too old for some things? Couldn't we have just as much fun with them as adults, as we did as a child? In fact, some things may be even more beneficial to us as adults. With all the responsibilities that come with adulthood, we could use a little usefulness to help us relax.

This is where adult coloring books come in; as a child we colored in school, we colored with friends, we colored to pass the time. We colored in books, we colored worksheets, some of us even colored on the wall, (oops, sorry mom!)

Coloring was so important to us, so why then should we stop?! The answer is, we shouldn't! We need creative outputs like adult coloring books.

Coloring is actually very beneficial to adults. It helps to relieve stress and anxiety, while improving motor skills and critical thinking. Coloring in an adult coloring book can help you practice mindfulness by being more in the moment. Coloring has even been used successfully in behavioral therapy. Plus, it's just plain fun!

If you have children to color with, it is an awesome way to help them express their creativity while spending quality time together. I loved coloring cartoon characters and princess coloring books with my daughters when they were young. But, if you want something a little more detailed to focus your creative mind on; there are plenty of adult coloring books available.

I was thrilled when I received this adult coloring book to review. Coloring Animal Mandalas contains 30 beautiful animal mandalas by artist Wendy Piersall. "Mandala" comes from the sanskrit word for circle. Mandalas have been used for healing and meditation for thousands of years.

I love all the details in this book. The illustrations are all so beautifully drawn. The hardest thing for me was picking which picture to color first! I have an on campus lecture class this semester so I took the coloring book with me. Coloring while the professor is lecturing helps me to focus on what is being said without my mind wandering. I have really enjoyed having this book, and deciding which color to use next and on what section of the mandala.

Here's what I've been working on from Coloring Animal Mandalas. It's almost done!

Now, that I've started coloring again, I don't know why I ever put it aside. I'm really enjoying myself and I can't wait to see more adult coloring books by the author, Wendy Piersall.

Check out this awesome time lapse video of the author coloring one of the illustrations from Coloring Animal Mandalas.

Try Coloring as an adult and experience all the fun again! #ExperienceItAgain

This could make a great gift for a teen, too!

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