Music Monday, The Gift of Music

Happy Music Monday! It's the last Music Monday before Christmas. Wow! Time is running out for finding that perfect gift. Is all your holiday shopping done? Thanks to hubby's insistence, we were all done last weekend. The only thing left to do is some wrapping and holiday baking. To get that done, I'll need some music, so let's push play on this Music Monday thing!

Christmas has me thinking about some of the albums I've received as Christmas gifts over the years. There were some awesome ones, and then some not so awesome. There was the year that I had to have the totally cool Van Halen 1984 album, but what I unwrapped on Christmas morning was the not so cool Van Halen Diver Down. In all honesty, it wasn't a bad album, but it was not 1984! 

That same year, I was also introduced to David Bowie, with this little song.

One of the best albums that I ever received as a gift, was by the classic Cyndi Lauper. I couldn't get enough of Girls Just Want to Have Fun, Time after Time, and this one.

I got 2 Bryan Adams albums one Christmas from my dad. This Summer of 69 song was probably one of the best known songs, but both albums were really good from start to finish.

I hope you have a great week, and remember if you don't know what to buy, try giving the gift of music!