Perplexus Warp Review: A Great Gift for Puzzle Solvers.

I've been a big fan of the Perplexus since the original version, so when they offered to send me the newest puzzle ball in the Perplexus family to review, of course, I said "Yes!".

Perplexus has quite a few different versions, but they are all based on the same concept of moving a small silver ball around a 3D maze inside a clear ball. In order to successfully complete the maze, you have to rotate the Perplexus to keep the small ball moving on the track. This is great for hand eye coordination because if you move too fast, or too slow, the ball will fall off the track and you'll have to start over.

Perplexus Warp is the newest version of this great family of puzzle games. It is designed for ages 6 and up. It is a great gift for people that enjoy puzzles and mazes. One of the things I really like is the new shape. The Warp shape is not round, and it's slightly smaller than the other versions so it's easier to hold and won't roll off the table.

The Warp has also added some levers on the outside that help you move the ball along parts of the track. This new feature is really cool, but it does take a little time to master. There are also plenty of new obstacles, ramps and whirlygigs to make this a fun challenge.

The very start of this track has you turning the perplexus upside down to get it over the first obstacle. They have really done a great job of keeping the game challenging with this new wave, but not too challenging that you become frustrated. I have to say that the Epic version of Perplexus was very frustrating to me because it was too much of a challenge so I was happy that this one a bit easier than that one. I think it will appeal to a wider variety of puzzle solving levels.

The Perplexus Warp has many challenges, and multiple starting points so if you complete one section of the maze, you can set it down and come back to it at a new section. This is nice because you may only have short periods of time to play.

I don't know too many 6 year olds that would have the attention span needed to play this, but maybe if it was used as an activity in the car when they can sit still to focus. It would definitely be a great gift for older children, teens and adults. I bring the Perplexus games into work and many of the employees like to play them on their down time. They are great stress relievers.

If you have someone that loves puzzle solving, or you're looking for something to give that person that has everything, the Perplexus Warp could be just the gift you're looking for. It looks great under the tree.

Pros: great shape, fun challenge, stress relieving, various starting points, and challenges
Cons: Package is difficult to open without tearing, may not be suited for very young ages


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