The Final Music Monday of 2014, Let's Be Happy! #MusicMonday

Another Monday is here and it's the last one of the year. Can you believe it? Another year come and gone. Before we move into 2015, let's take a look at some of the music from 2014.

Shazam, (the app for identifying and discovering music,) has released the top most Shazamed songs of the year. I've picked some of my favorites from the list to share for #MusicMonday.

First up, is John Legend with All of Me. It was the second most Shazamed song of the year. This song is just such a beautiful love song.

Coming in as the #5 most Shazamed is Am I Wrong by Nico & Vinz. I like the sound of this song, and I have to admit I can't help but sing it for hours after I hear it.

Happy by Pharrell only came in at number 8, but I feel like it was everywhere in 2014, so maybe most people knew what it was and didn't need to Shazam it?  I love this song, and it's what I wish for all of you... the absolute joy of being so happy you just can't help but dance!

Be happy in the new year!


  1. Content by Pharrell just came in at number 8, yet I sense that it was all around in 2014, so perhaps the vast majority knew what it was and didn't have to Shazam it? I adore this tune, and its what I wish for every one of you... without a doubt the delight of being so cheerful you simply can't resist the opportunity to move!

  2. You choose some interesting songs. It is hard to believe this is the last Monday of the year.


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